Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home Wreck 102 Look Book

I have a large collection of vintage dresses. Sadly, many of them would be really weird to wear out in public, so it gives me great joy to have a new reason to rock out with my frock out.

For Sunday's Home Wreck 102 dinner party I brought out a real winner I like to call "Uncle Sam":

I wear the matching blazer out with jeans a lot, but the whole suit/dress combo always seemed a little much... because it is.

Apparently I look sexy in this dress as it got rave reviews and I was told I "should find a wedding dress in this cut" because it made my butt look good. Um, yeah, when I find myself a future husband I'll be sure to do that. But, hell, if I wear this out sometime maybe I'll have a husband sooner than I think.

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